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Perhaps Some of Your Favorite Celebrities


Roger Craig

Roger Craig, The author of the book, “Strictly Business”, which offers and inside look into the world of pro football. While Roger was with the 49ers, he held two titles for 1000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season, which he held for 11 years and only 3 NFL football players have held that title. The Novak’s worked on Roger every week during that season. In fact, the Novaks have worked on Roger since he was in the 9th grade in Iowa, while Ted Novak was in Chiropractic College. Many don’t realize that Roger was also a wrestler, he went to high school with Ted Jr and Joy and had never wrestled before and took state the first year. Our son Ted Jr taught him how to wrestle and Ted Jr is presently mentoring 2 Jr high wrestlers who took first in the tournament last week. Ted Jr also wrestled inner murals and beat 14 wrestlers at BYU University.   Roger was influential in the Novaks move to California and has referred many other NFL playersto the Novaks. 

Joe Montana

The greatest quarterback of all time and living legend in football, was treated by Sugar and the Drs. That Sugar has been working with for the past 8 years at Rocklin Chiropractic. Sugar’s Brother, Dr. James Carlson, and Dr. Don Sanchez, were invited guests to the super bowl in New Orleans, where they worked on 21 of the 49ers the night before the game.

Wendall Tyler

Wendall Tyler told the press that Sugar helped his knee which gave her instant notoriety. After three weeks of massage, Wendall was able to play one more season after they had hired Joe Cribbs to replace him. He was also told by three orthopedic surgeons that he would never run again. Wendall proved them all wrong.


Glen Kozlowski

Glen Kozlowski, of the Chicago Bears was told he would never run again. The Novaks were able to help in the healing process of his foot. Mike Kozlowski,, Miami Dolphins, also loved his massage. They are the brothers of the Novak’s son-in-law, Richard Kozlowski, who won the Gold helmet award twice in Southern California. Richard also assisted coaching at BYU. Their father, Dr. Mike Kozlowski, went to Chiropractic College at the same time as Ted Novak


Dan Gable

Dan Gable, who earned national fame in 1972, was also a gold medal wrestler for the United States. Dan was once head coach at the University of Iowa and the youngest “Big Ten” coach ever hired. Ted and Sugar are also from Iowa. Dan was also the head coach of the American Freestyle team. In 1980 and 1984 he was head coach of the United States Olympic Wrestling team. Sugar has been working with Dan and some of his wrestlers since 1975, and worked on him and the 1993 Wrestling Champions Terri and Tom Brands as well as Allen Mollring, a family member who holds several titles, such as: Mr. Sacramento 1986, Mr. Reno 1987, Mixed Pairs 1987, and Mr. San Jose 1989. Allen’s back injury was helped tremendously by the Novaks.

Kristen Culver

Kristen Culver, the fastest woman’s downhill skier in the world in 1983, went from 113 MPH to 121.7 with two months pre-conditioning program with the Novaks. Kristen’s father, Dr. Robert culver, D.C., has the Novaks, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Sanchez perform deep muscle therapy at his Los Altos, California office. There are many others with this similar story, such as: Pat and Joanne Zin, #1 kayakers of the Eppie Race several times over and John Rankin, one time head coach of the Sierra College basketball team.


Scott Carlson

Scott Carlson, three time Iron Man; and many other Iron Man and Ultra Men and Women have also benefited from the Novak’s pre-conditioning massage program.


Cast and crew of the Gary Gilmore film “Executioner Song”


Cast and crew of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


Some of Crystal Gayle’s crew after a car accident.


Jay Osmond.


Kate Muldoon of the series “Mrs. Columbo” and “Ryan’s Hope” soap opera.


Tina Cole, daughter of one of the King Sisters, in-law of Beverly Garland, and the mother of the triplets on “My Three Sons”.


Jay Mitton, renowned malpractice attorney and many V.I.P executives  benefited from the relaxation and life planning that Sugar offers.




Dr. Alex Duarte, D.O., holistic cataract specialist, and author.


Dr. Jim Mitchell, D.O., Iron Man and Ultra Man. Jim was unable to ride a bicycle due to allergies until he had detoxification with the Novaks.


Dr. Marsha Lafler, D.D.S., could not pull teeth for two years due to carpel tunnel syndrome. She can now pull teeth after treatment from the Novaks.


Dr. Ron Frogley, of Iowa, and the vice president of Palmer Chiropractic College for 13 years referred his patients to the Novaks. 


Many great physicians have referred their patients to the Novaks.


Dr. W.D. Broddie, M.D. of Nevada.

Dr. Terry Franks, D.C. and Dr, Proquett of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr, John Barthell, M.D. and Dr. W.D. Martin, D.C. of Iowa.

Dr. Klinger and Dr. John Brimhall of Arizona.

Dr. Arnold Otterson, D.C. of Utah.


Dr. Brian Watson , D.C.

Dr. Gary Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Harvey Rose, M.D.

Dr. Wayne Fiscuss, D.C.

Dr. Ray Welch, D.C.

Dr. James Carlson, D.C.

Dr. Don Sanchez, D.C.

(All of California)


Last, but certainly not least, Dr. David Palmer, the grandson of the founder of Chiropractic College had a stroke while Ted Novak was in Chiropractic College. Sugar was chosen to massage the doctor for two years and put him to bed at night. Dr. Palmer was one of the greatest businessmen who obtained accreditation for the Chiropractic College. He also started the radio station “W.H.O.” in Des Moines, Iowa which meant “With Hands Only”. Sugar used to make house calls to Dr. Palmer and his wife Ellis before he had a stroke.


 Breaking News!

Mike is a carpenter, he has helped us build on a thousand square feet on two different houses and we have known him for sixteen years and have become very good friends. One week ago he called and said “I have to see you guys. I’ve just come from the medical doctor and I need you to look at my leg.” I thought “Oh no, it must be bad, and here we go again.” Because cases like Mike’s always seem to find us like the pictures on pages 90-100. We always hope we won’t need to be called in on situations like this. The medical doctor looked at it and said “Here’s two weeks of antibiotics and I’ll see you in fourteen days.” Mike’s leg was beet red on the front, the size of a cantaloupe. Well, it sure looked like blood poisoning to us and the scab was healed over. So I told Mike “All we can do is put clay on it and see where the infection is, as the clay won’t dry on the infected area.” To make a long story short, tons of infection drained out. We used clay, catalyst water and potato poultice every day and in one week it is almost healed. He could have lost his leg; needless to say Mike is very grateful and angry at the same time that he was treated so neglectfully by the medical doctor. Just so happens our grand daughter Ashley was here getting a massage and had a camera phone with her, so we were able to capture what the clay, potato poultice and catalyst water was able to do to help save his leg. Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver Gel  and drinking half  a gallon of colloidal silver water that Mike made himself also helped the recovery of his infected leg. We are hoping this lesson of taking responsibility for your own care will be a teaching tool for you and if you have a problem; get a second opinion immediately.