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Dr. Ted and Sugar Novak, The Dynamite Duo Team all started on their first date, A Friday the 13th February 1953. We want to show you a medley of memory lane. They have been married for 67 years come September 2020.
Dr. Ted and Sugar Novak graduated the same night, June 1953 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.
Dr. Ted and Sugar had their first date on Friday February 13th, 1953 and got married September 5th, 1953.
As seen above Sugar had to lose 40 lbs. to be able to get into her wedding dress. Ted Jr. and Brenda Sue Novak's eldest daughter Ashley called and asked if Ted and Sugar would be ring bearer and flower girl at her wedding and Sugar asked "Is this for real" of all the little grand-daughters you want me to be your flower girl? Ashley was very serious so that's how Sugar lost the 40 lbs. using the Herbalife products and Dr. Ted Novak's Recycle Your Health and Hormones Program, also the same title as the book Dr. Ted wrote. 
PS The kisses all started with their daughter Joy Joy's daughter Consuelo when she was only 4 years old. She would always say "Jada kiss Bubbie".
Then the other 34 grandchildren followed suit. They all loved Teddy's and my love and vowed that they were going to get a mate just like him and they did!

Dr. Ted is 8 days older than Sugar. This is when they were both 70 years old, they competed in many non-profit events. Dr. Ted could do 5 planks at age 78, bench press 250 lbs, leg press 500 lbs and lift 50 lbs over his head 50 times showing off for the Later Day Saints missionaries, who were serving 2 year missions and it was one of Dr. Ted and Sugars missions to take care of the old football injuries, car accident injuries and so forth that the Mormon missionaries came out into the field with. In return, the missionaries would send parents and others to the Novaks. 
Sugar Novak did mostly isometrics as seen on the TV talk show, Ask a Woman on You Tube but her specialty was leg press with 480 lbs right behind Dr. Ted. 

Dr. Ted and Sugar's eldest son Ted Jr. married Brenda Sue in 1984. Brenda Sue is now a 4 time, New York Times Bestselling Author and Ted Jr. is a pioneer in solar and LED lighting in Rocklin, CA.
Ted Jr. and Brenda Sue's eldest daughter Ashley graduating from college. She is the daughter that asked Ted and Sugar to be the ring bearer and flower girl in her wedding in 2018.
Ted Jr and Brenda Sue's second daughter's wedding. This is a picture of the whole family and Ted Jr. married them.
Dr. Ted and Sugars eldest daughter Angellyne is the grandmother of 5 of Ted and Sugar's 35 great grandchildren. The number 54th great granddaughter is due April 1st. 
Dr. Ted and Sugar with Sugar's brother Dr. James Carlson, Owner of Rocklin Chiropractic office for 35 years at 5875 Pacific St. Ste B1, Rocklin, Ca 95677. Novaks and Dr. Carlson have worked together providing chiropractic and massage therapy for the 49er football players for 10 seasons, helping them go to 4 super Bowls and winning 3. Now Dr. Carlson has opened up his home in Rocklin to help Sugar take care of Dr. Ted since he had his stroke. Families need to stick together especially in times of need. The only alternative would be for Dr. Ted to be in a nursing home, as you can see from the above pictures he is too muscular for Sugar to handle. We are so grateful for brother Jim's kindness!

Practice profile of Dr. Ted and Ellyne (Sugar) Novak.
Married 65 Years! 

Dr. Ted and Sugar Novak are known as the dynamite duo team with a bag of magic tricks because they have been in practice so long and they are well known as pioneers in the health field. They have worked with many of the older pioneer natural doctors, M.D., D.C., and N.D. including Dr. Robert Culver D.C. President of “Freedom of Choice” in the 1970’s. Dr.s Tam (husband and wife), M.D. in San Francisco before he launched the “Century Clinic” in Reno, NV. Dr. Alex Duarte D.O. a famous author of Cataract Alternative to Surgery and other health books. Dr. Harvey Rose M.D nationally recognized champion of the rights of chronic pain patients and a 45-year career as a Sacramento-area family physician catering to our large Sacramento Greek community. Using Edgar Cayce's methods of castor oil packs and using Sugar Novak's Recycle Your Health methods, because Sugar used so much electrical equipment it blew out all of Dr. Rose's breaker panels(He had to have his whole office rewired). Dr. Rose and Sugar had a mission to feed stray cats as they both were cat lovers. Dr. W. D. Brodie M.D. for four and a half years in Incline Village, NV, where we ran four houses with twenty-six cancer patients at the same time. All getting chelation therapy and colonic irrigations and detoxification herbal body wraps. Then Dr. Brodie opened a big clinic in Reno, NV. Dr. Vance, M.D. in Salt Lake City, UT where we did all the detoxification and now Dr. Vance owns a big hospital in Mexico. Dr. Gary Gordon, D.O. and M.D. author of Chelation Therapy and Omega III and also the author of Yeast Connection. We did all of his therapy and detoxification and colonics for four and a half years and showed all these doctors the difference that detoxification makes while trying to heal any problem, and taught hundreds of other doctors detoxification all over the country during the last 50 years. Dr. Tei-su Chen of Sunrider Products, Sugar helped Dr. Chen get Stevia across customs before the FDA would allow it in the US. Dr. James R. Ransdell, M.D. and at one time the Coroner of Davis CA, taught Sugar how to use the microscope to analyse blood, Sugar is also a Phlebotomist, also Ear Candling (removing wax, especially for people using hearing aids) and also foot reflexology working on the nerve endings to the whole body. Dr. Locke, Healer of Men is one of Sugar's Heroes, he was one of the first who taught reflexology! Sugar Does Iris Analysis called Iridology, the analysis of the eyes. Something every mother should learn to help monitor her children's activities, illness, narcotics also if you are using to much salt or if your colon is plugged up. Herbalife body wraps using essential oils for detoxification of the liver, colon and lymph system. Sugar came out of the closet about cleaning the colon before Dr. Oz and Oprah. Sugar has had the privilege of helping people regain their health because the consensus is that death begins in the colon. So using Dr. Ted's Novak Recycle Your Health and Weight Program and colon cleansing the Novaks have been able to help thousands of men, women and children and had the privilege of treating 4 generations of several families during their career. The Novak’s opened up a clinic working with the “horse and buggy” people called Amish then went from the Amish in Iowa  and followed some of the Amish leaders to the Indiana Amish where they were allowed to ride bicycles and work in the boat  and mobile home factories. Now these people had never heard of colonics and it was as much of a surprise to them as it was to the Catholic Cloister Nuns prescriptions by Dr. Robert Culver of Los Altos CA. They got permission from the Diocese, quite an eye opening for Nuns who weren't allowed to touch or talk and prayed 4 times a day. The Amish horse and buggy people who not only wore gowns but also pants for modesty reasons while getting treated. Can you imagine the Novaks going from the Amish folk to the the San Francisco 49er football players. The Novak’s worked with the 49ers for 10 seasons doing pre-conditioning on the players and the results ended up with the 49ers going on to 4 Superbowls and winning 3, while the Novak’s worked with them, never before and never since with the help of Sugar's brother Dr. James Carlson of Rocklin Chiropratic  on Pacific St. in Rocklin CA office for 33 years and is excellent in personal injury cases (car accidents) 916-624-0682. Sugar does the Kansa Auyrveda Massage taught by Master Teachers the Diamonds. Look and see how many of the players are now in the Hall of Fame from 1984-1995 because of the help from Dr. James Crlson and Dr. Don Sanchez, rest in peace, and Dr. Ted and Sugar Novak who went there every week and gave the players chiropractic and massage treatment for the 10 seasons.

The Novak’s also worked with Dan Gable, the first Olympic Gold Medal winner for the USA when he had a shoulder and neck injury then went on to work with his University of Iowa Wrestling Team since 1975. Sugar’s sister founded Carlson’s College of Massage in Anamosa, IA. Sugar’s brother Dr. James Carlson and  Sugar Novak take care of the boday and their brother Rev. Jack Carlson of Salem, Or. takes care of the soul (hehe). Dr. Ted Novak, a gymnast, teaches cross training using the rebounder (mini tramp) in a complete workout with 5 pound weights and teaches it to his many athletic patients who participate in the Ironman, Ultraman, and Eppie Races. Dr. Ted went to Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa in 1972 when he had seven children and Sugar Novak had the privilege of being Dr. David Palmers personal therapist after he suffered a stroke while Dr. Ted was a student at Palmer. Dr. Ted specializes in deep muscle therapy and goes by the nickname Dr. Iron Thumbs. He has helped thousands of athletes with their old athletic injuries.

Now we would like to tell you about our association with CHI Institute. We first found the company in 1993 and loved their products and the information they so willingly shared with us. We have used the QGM Therapeutic Massager in our practice on everyone no matter what condition they were in, we got great results. And now with the Infratonic 8000 we have even more chance for astonishing results. As a colon therapist we do colonics and we put the castor oil packs on the patient first, and then apply the Q.G.M. over the pack. Because the average person has 10 pounds or more of fecal matter impacted in their colon. The vibration from the Infratonic 8000 along with administering the catalyst water during the colonic irrigation breaks up the impaction. This is why it is so important that as professionals that we teach our patients to drink more good water to really flush their systems. The Infratonic 8000 vibration drives the castor oil down into all the cracks and crevices in the colon and since the body is 70% water and water carries sound, the Q.G.M. and Infratonic 8000 are a perfect match while administering the colonic and also for preparing the body before they take their colon therapy. We use the Q.G.M. on all the trigger point areas. Since the Infratonic 8000 has the flat head it is ideal to slip under the back at the lumbar point. It helps to drive out the parasites that we all as human beings have. For some reason our patients seem to think that only dogs, cats and horses have worms so it is our privilege to educate them by showing them samples of what we have retrieved from our patients during their colonic sessions, but our patients love to bring back “trophies” of what they retrieve while continuing the cleanse at home. We try to teach our people that an internal cleanse once a month is as important as taking their external bath. We rent by the day a portable colonic board that you use in your own bathroom and a 5 gallon bucket and stand, making it possible for you to afford the once a month program. So we advocate doing a 3 day cleanse once a month using a 3 day soup diet, for example, Friday drinking cabbage soup all day. Saturday- zucchini soup, eating or blending and drinking it all day and Sunday- mixing cabbage and zucchini soup recipes together and eating or blending and drinking it all day, recipes on SErvice Page under Sugar's Day Spa. Re Along with the soup, taking 3 ounces of liquid chlorophyll and 3 ounces of liquid aloe vera and drinking half one’s body weight in ounces of good water on each day of the 3 day cleanse. For example if you weigh 150 pounds you must drink 75 ounces of good water each day for those 3 days. Then on Monday either go to a professional colon therapist, such as we are, especially if they have the Infratonic 8000 or the Q.G.M., and take a professional colonic or buy a home cleansing unit that the Novak’s helped develop many moons ago. Hopefully they will also buy an Infratonic 8000 for the whole family. The toxins in our system can cause all kinds of diseases; they say that death really starts in the colon. Sugar has been labeled “The Queen of Poop” and called a “Poop Inspector”. Now she has been joined by the likes of Dr. Oz and Oprah who are now teaching the public the color of the bowel movement and the shape of the bowel movement right on TV. Hurray for Dr. Oz and Oprah, who are helping to not only save people’s lives but are showing them a quality of life that they never enjoyed before cleansing. The reward for Dr. Ted and Sugar is that they are helping people with their quest for health and they want to thank the CHI Institute for helping them to help others with their total health. The Novak’s are not called holistic; they are called “totalistic”.

The Novak’s are married for 66 years this September 5th 2019 and have raised 8 children and foster parents for 19 years at the same time as taking care of a WW2 Veteran for 19 years. They are now the proud grandparents of 35 grandchildren and have 11 great-grandchildren. Five generation pictures were taken July 4th 2010 as Sugar's mother turned 95 and her brother Rev. Jack Carlson has been married to his wife Carol for 50 years and 54 people gathered for a big celebration in Oregon; came from Arizona, Utah, California and Iowa. Isn't it something for a 95 year old mother would live to see two of her children married for 50 years; with Sugar and I being married 57 years. The Novaks raised their 8 children without any vaccinations, antibiotics or drugs. Not that they don’t believe in the above but when you keep your body clean they are not necessary and can prove to be dangerous.

The Novak Family

The Novak family living with the Amish in Iowa 1980-1985

Dr. Ted and Sugar Massaged the Men, Woman and Children.

Angel’s son, Nathan and Amber’s wedding
 with our large family in 2005 at The Salt Lake Temple.

The Novaks joined the Mormon church in 1967 when two young Elders from the Mormon church knocked on their door on a Friday evening and now because the Novaks said "Yes", and got Baptised, they have their seventh Missionary serving in the Spanish field at Anaheim, CA. Their son, Ted Jr., served in Rochester, New York and twenty-five years later his daughter, Ashley was sent to the same Mission. Angel's son Travis served in the Phillipines and got sick, came home and Sugar got him well to finish serving his Mission in Jackson, MI. Dr. Ted was a home teacher for Dr. Baker's family in Rocklin for three and a half years; calling on the family each month to see how they were doing and if they needed anything. That is one of the nice things about the Mormon Church: there is always someone for you to talk to (other than the Bishop) if you have any problems or need a Priesthood blessing. The Baker's son, who Dr. Ted saw grow in manhood was sent to the same Mission as their grandson Travis. Isn't it coincidental that an Elder who was being taught by Travis' grandfather would become his Mission companion; one being raised in Utah and the other California. However, we feel that God knows who he wants to teach and preach and it was so much fun getting letters from both of them, talking about each other. Angel's second son, Nathan was sent to Mexico, isn't it ironic that both of Angel's sons were sent to poverty stricken areas? The Phillipines and Mexico, when they had been brought up with everything they needed they both grew to love the people they wer serving. Their brother Jared was sent to Brazil and had the privilege of establishing several new Missions. Our youngest daughter, Lena, has two sons, Justin just returned from Argentina from a Spanish speaking Mission. His brother Shane is now serving in Anaheim, CA at a Spanish speaking Mission. Because of the ages of both sets of brothers being so close they don't get to see each other for three years. There are over sixty-thousand Mormon Missionaries out in the United States and abroad. Joy's oldest daughter Jennifer went to China two times to teach English, one without pay and one with pay. She was the only non-national is this small town and they liked her so much they had a large mural mounted on the wall with the cook of her favorite restaurant and her.


Dr. Jack LaLanne

Dr. Jack LaLanne at the California Hall of Fame

Dr. Jack LaLanne was inducted into the California Hall of Fame in Sacramento, CA on December 15th, 2008. He also received a Spirit of California Medal from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. My only hope is to inspire you the way that Jack LaLanne has inspired me throughout the past year. Good Luck To Our New and Old Friends

LaLanne was named Professional Mr. America in 1955. Schwarzenegger was Mr. Universe in 1968 and Mr. Olympia (1970-75; 1980) seven times.


These are just a few of our memorabilia, go to our testimonials for more!

Dan Gable

Dan Gable, who earned national fame in 1972, was also a gold medal wrestler for the United States. Dan was once head coach at the University of Iowa and the youngest “Big Ten” coach ever hired. Ted and Sugar are also from Iowa. Dan was also the head coach of the American Freestyle team. In 1980 and 1984 he was head coach of the United States Olympic Wrestling team. Sugar has been working with Dan and some of his wrestlers since 1975.

Roger Craig

Roger Craig, the author of the book, “Strictly Business”, which offers and inside look into the world of pro football. While Roger was with the 49ers, he held two titles for 1000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season, which he still holds. The Novak’s worked on Roger every week during that season. In face, the Novaks have worked on Roger since he was in the 9th grade in Iowa, while Ted Novak was in Chiropractic College. Many don’t realize that Roger was also a wrestler. Roger was influential in the Novaks move to California and has referred many other pros to the Novaks. 

                                      Wendell Tyler

Wendall Tyler told the press that Sugar helped his knee which gave her instant notoriety. After three weeks of massage, Wendall was able to play one more season after they had hired Joe Cribbs to replace him. He was also told by three orthopedic surgeons that he would never run again. Wendall proved them all wrong.

Ted Novak

This is going to be a medley of Ted Novak before his stroke and after. Sugar gave Ted a photo shoot at age 78, notice his waistline. Most men his age have a pot belly and Ted is determined not to because we made a bet years ago and he vowed that he will never have a pot belly. It took a lot of crunches and implementing the Herbalife products into his diet since 1984.

Ellyne "Sugar" Novak

My darling girl, who loves purple. Together 57 years.

Sugar Novak is a life planner using the wheel of life and the mandala.

Also she can come into your home and do feng shui helping to enrich your life.

Sugar has a great track record and one of the seminars she gives is named "Change your Life with Sugar".

"The only Sugar that's good for you."

Sugar charges $60/hour.

In May, 2010, our daughter in law, Brenda Sue Novak (wife of Ted Jr.) collected over $300,000 for diabetic research with her annual silent auction, totaling over a million dollars in the past seven years. They have named one of the research rooms after her thirteen-year-old who acquired diabetes type-1 at age five. Brenda just had lunch two weeks ago with Gail King in New York, who happens to be Oprah’s best friend. Her website is; you will be amazed when you go to that site and see all of her accomplishments in less than ten years of writing. She is on her 40th book to be published and travels to teach other authors the ins-and-outs of getting published. She writes mystery and romance and also has one historical novel “Of Noble Birth”.  She researches all of her novels having traveled to England with her mother, step-father and sister. She’s gone to the prison in Arizona and researched, talking to and writing to inmates to try and get correct information. She wrote a mystery about Sacramento that turned into a trilogy, everyone was so excited that she wrote about local areas, that they could relate to. 

                                   Beautiful Hands

Dedicated to Ted and Sugar
by Margarite Dunivan

Beautiful hands are those that do,
Work that is earnest, brave and true.

They are a gift from Jehovah, our loving creator,
How could he have given you tools any greater?

Beautiful hearts are loving and giving,
Doing things with their hands to help others keep living.

Beautiful hands find the source of the pain
And as they work deeply, the toxins they drain.

Beautiful hands, with their fingers so strong,
Given strength from Jehovah to push them along.

There are strong arms to guide them as they search for the source,
And minds well trained to keep them on course.

As they probe with great pressure, caress and massage,
The muscles relax, no it’s not a mirage.

For a miracle of healing is now taking place,
As the stiffness, the soreness and the pain they erase.

Oh! Thanks to those having those beautiful hands,
Since they bring so much comfort, there are many demands.

On those who are doing the loving and giving,

To keep all their people in the land of the living.

Educated, healing and loving hands of Dr. Ted and Sugar Novak have supported a large family of eight children over all these years and given relief and comfort to numerous people.


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